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| Services |

Architectural Design

We provide a complete architectural service for projects form the initial concept and preliminary designs then the design development till the complete design phase

Interior Design

Live the style you feel comfort with inside your home, office, shop or any other place. We give you alternatives for the interior design that match your psychology.


The spaces around any building is good to use for plant and water feature to give a life to the building

Shop Drawings

you have the architecture, interior, and landscape design ready, so you want the engineering drawings to implement them in the reality, this is what working and shop drawing used for

BIM Models

We are doing the model related to the technology of building information modeling

Project management

Coordination between different engineering disciplines

About Bonyan

BONYAN is an architectural firm established in 2014 in Cairo ?Egypt. It provides architectural services for companies and individuals, trying to submit environmentally friendly and energy efficient architecture as possible.

Bonyan based on a humble effort of a group of ambitious architects who aimed to rise up the building quality.

The main trend that bonyan follows generally is the green architecture principles, to reach to the comfort environment for the occupants with minimum energy consumption, because that the architects have enormous responsibilities to save the glorious of our planet by their designs.

Every building starts with an idea on papers then it embodied into reality. Bonyan starts your project with the absolutely beginning phase of site analysis and the conceptual design ideas

to obtain the maximum good results and exploit the advantages of the environment around and into the site.

We are exciting and interesting in our work to submit professional services. Client’s satisfaction is our priorities by delivering high quality job, innovation and precise drawings on time and within reasonable price.

It is our deep and deep pleasure to give you (individuals or companies) our services with corporation with our partners.

| Projects |

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Project Al Forqan charity center

Location shalakan qanater al khairiya

Scope design ?shop drawings ?details - coordination,

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Project private villa

Location Al lexandria cairo road

Scope Elevation design - shop drawings

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Project private villa
Location al riyadh
Scope elevation design .

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Project Residential building

Location Jordan

Scope Architecture design

content plus

Project Residential building


Scope interior design

content plus

Project Institute

Location The Netherlands

Scope Re-design,

| contact Us |

address : 12 engineer salah st - madcour - faisal Station - Giza

mobile : 010-255-15-733

e-mail : BA@bonyanstudio.com


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